Pre-emptive care – A New model of care

It’s time for India to move from ‘Preventive’ care to ‘Pre-emptive’ care

‘Pre-emptive healthcare’ (Before Teenage), Starts before the age (Late Twenties),

when ‘Preventive care’ starts .

It include;

  • Starting with health viewing for children when they turn the age of Ten, Earlier the better,  So that children grow up healthy.
  • The screenings will include fatness blood pressure and diabetes screenings, every Six months, but can help in making India the healthiest nation.
  • Healthcare problems arise due to deficiency of Vitamins A, D & B & Omega 3. Must recommend guidelines for all children to undergo tests for deficiency of these vitamins and Omega 3, and also tie up with national level labs for offering these tests at rates mutually agreed by the Government.
  • Dental check and eye check – ups must be made mandatory from the age of 6 years.

Everyone should, consequently focus on draft the child health guidelines and ensure that these become the basic requirement for school admissions and thus, are enforced nationally.

Three areas of cooperation have emerged; i.e.

  • Espousal of districts under mass viewing programs.
  • Companies willing to work on secondary avoidance program in addition to the mass screening program.
  • IT & mHealth companies willing to provide innovative solutions for managing chronic diseases and program evaluation tools, training front line health workers & Rural health .

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW) now moves to focused meetings under the Government Industry Dialogue to decide the scope of collaboration specific to each program. Certain that this will lead to more effective implementation of existing programs.


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